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***Please note this print includes an ayah (quote) from the Holy Qur’an: “you alone we workship; You alone we ask for help” [1:5]’. Please respect the blessed ayahs and refrain from placing this piece on the floor.

This print of my original painting from my Call to Prayer collection represents the middle prayer of the day in Islam, the late part of the afternoon. The details of the carved red sandstones in the Badshahi Mosque’s beautiful Mughal architecture combined with the warm sky will immediately transform a space and make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Although the gold details are added with an oil based permanent gold pen, please refrain from touching the areas with the gold.

Each print is embossed with Khalq’s imprint in the bottom right corner, stamped and signed at the back.

📌 17 x 22cm and 25 x 31cm PRINT+FRAME INFO

•Printed on 270 gsm fine art high quality velvet giclée paper. Available to purchase with wooden frames as shown in pictures. These prints are wax sealed in Khalq tissue paper and are posted in boxes.

The borders are trimmed after being printed, so the actual size of the print will be slightly smaller


Printed on 275 gsm Satin paper which has a slight gloss. These large prints are rolled and wrapped in tissue paper. Posted in a postal tube. Frames not available for large size prints.

***these are not the original painting, they are highly detailed prints of the original painting. For info on how to order an original painting please contact [email protected]